Announcements, Resolutions

Contact: Kathy Ellis (865) 679-4676


Church Bulletins and any church related news delivered to members who are unable to attend church.
Contact: Carol Young (865) 687-5450 or Alma Griffin


Church Historian is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date and complete history of the church. It will be supplemented by newspaper clippings and photographs. 
The Newsletter will cover news about our church family and community.
The Library will be open as books are available.
Contact: Robert "Bob" Booker (865) 546-1576
Renee Martin (865) 546-8688


The Communications Ministry uses technology as well as verbal announcements to develop and disseminate program information for members and guests as Tabernacle. They will use various methods of technology to insure everyone is informed.
Chairman, Herman Phillips (865) 599-6506