our history

The roots of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church are similar to the roots of many Black Americans.  They began with an African.  In 1912, Rev. Jerrymiah from Kodgen, North Africa , founded the church when he named followers who gathered on Jackson Avenue , The World's TabernacleThe first church dwelling was in a tent located on the corner of Florida Street and Campbell Avenue . 

Reverend Jerrymiah resigned as minister of The World's Tabernacle in 1913.  His legacy to the church he founded was a body of dedicated members.

Other Historical Information Is Listed Below In Chronological Order:

1913 - 1914       The Church was without a pastor.

1914 - 1915       Reverend Story served as pastor.

1915 - 1929       Reverend I. C. Sherron of Nashville , Tennessee served as pastor.  Under his leadership the church was reorganized and renamed Tabernacle Baptist Church.  His tenure ended with his death in 1929.

1929 - 1930      Reverend Johnson served as pastor.

1930 - 1932      Reverend N. J. Jackson of Fitzgerald , Georgia served as pastor. 

1932 - 1935      Reverend L. W. Veal of Jacksonville , Florida served as pastor.  This gifted evangelist and noted singer attracted crowds and increased the church's membership.

1935 - 1938      Reverend P. A. Mack served as pastor.  
1938 - 1946      Reverend L. W. Veal served as pastor.  The interior of the church was remodeled, and the church mortgage was paid.

1946 - 1949      Reverend M. C. Field of Macon, Georgia served as pastor. 

1949 - 1963      Reverend S. A. Baker of Savannah , Georgia served as pastor.  He worked to secure a clear deed on the church's property.  Before the deed was clear, however, the church was destroyed by fire.  The present site, 2137 Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue was purchased and the present building was built.  In 1962, all the church debts were paid and the mortgage was burned. In 1963, Rev. Baker resigned to accept the pastorate at Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Atlanta , Georgia.  

1963 - 1964      The Church was without a pastor.

1964 - 1983      Reverend J. Paul Jones of Chattanooga , Tennessee served as pastor.  During Rev. Jones' twenty (20) year administration, the church's outreach expanded greatly.  A parsonage was purchased.  Tabernacle Apartments, Inc. was also established.

 1983 - 1984      The Church was without a pastor. 

 1984 - 2007     Reverend Melvin M. Solomon of East Point , Georgia became the pastor. A number of improvements were made to the facility.  Many new ministries were organized.  In 2007, Reverend Melvin M. Solomon retired.

2008 - 2019       Reverend Christopher R. Battle, Sr. of Cincinnati, Ohio was called as the Pastor of Taberrnacle Baptist Church. He brought insight to ministry growth henceforth the seniors Solid Rocks of Wisdom and MasterLife. In 2019, Reverend Christopher R. Battle, Sr. resigned from the pastorate of Tabernacle Baptist Church.